Crude Fiber Scouring Pad
KEPU is the best Crude Fiber Scouring Pad manufacturer in China. Offering quality crude fiber scouring pad to global customers
  • Description
Product name: Crude fiber scouring pad
Material: High-quality ore sand, the fiber itself is thicker than ordinary one, which has strong cleaning and dirt-removing ability.

Product size: 0.7*11*15cm, can be made to order in light of customer’s requirement of sizes or shapes.

Product packaging: Based on customer’s requirement.

Product color: black, can be adjusted in light of Pantone card.

Product’s functional diversity:

1.Strong dirt-removing function, twice as much as that of the stainless steel scrubbers, it can replace stainless steel scrubbers.
2.Diversified function: applied to different style of scouring pad according to different cleaning surface. This style is widely applied to the surface of floor and machines for industrial use.
Poids et Forfaits
1. Poids: 1,3-1,4 KGS / Paire
2. Chaque paire par boîte de couleur, la taille de la boîte: 32 * 32 * 12CM
3. 10 paires sont emballées dans un carton, taille de carton: 64 * 65 * 33CM

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