Fruit-shaped Sponge Brush
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  • Description

Product name: Fruit-shaped sponge brush

Material: PU ordinary sponge is very soft and strongly water-absorptive and can produce abundant bubbles; oriented printed designs are very lovely.

Product size: Special shape, very cartoonish.

Product packaging: Based on customer’s requirement.

Product color: Multi-color, can be adjusted in light of Pantone card.

Product’s functional diversity:

1.Anti-bacteria: With a formula of anti-bacteria, it can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and no odor will be engendered.
2.Diversified function: Effectively clean the accumulated coloring, dirt, scale, soap scum and oil stains. It has a better dirt-removing effect to the hard and smooth surfaces like pottery, mirror, glass and stainless steel. It won’t hurt the material surface, skins and won’t have any residues.
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