Kitchen Cleaning Balls
As the largest Kitchen Cleaning Balls manufacturer in China, KEPU sells quality Kitchen Cleaning Balls to customers。
  • Description
Kitchen cleaning balls are generally used household to strongly clean the surface dirt and grease, with the fine wire drawing into a ball of water. It is an inner-spiral design without hurting hands. This kind of product can be found almost in every family and office. On the surface which can’t be cleaned thoroughly by rags and detergents, we need the help of scrubbers. Taking advantage of its strong friction force, the greasy dirt can be removed.
Currently the main materials of our kitchen cleaning balls include 18-8, 18-0, 13-0 and so on, the gram weight of which could be made to order.

Applicable area:

Due to its strong friction force, the cleaning ball is generally applied to those objects which are not easily distorted on the surface by the friction, such as the bottom of the pot(with the exception of the coating pot), hearth and stainless utensils etc.

Inapplicable area:

Object surface which is easy to be damaged by friction, such as ceramic tiles, non-stick frying pan, wooden floor, bathroom porcelain utensils, plastic wares and so on.
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