Laminated Sponge Bathroom Brush
KEPU is one of the toppest Laminated Sponge Bathroom Brush in China, with rich experience in the worldwide markets
  • Description
Product name: Laminated sponge bathroom brush
Material and feature: Polyester scouring pad laminates filtered sponge. One side which has filtered sponge is the cleaning surface. The sponge has a good drainability it’s relatively rough and strongly abrasive, which can easily remove those stains hardly eliminated by ordinary sponge. The sponge itself is easy to wash and won’t have any residues. The aluminum tube can be freely stretched. When you can’t reach the height with your hands, this type of brush can give you a hand. The brush head can be changeable, which is quite economical and environmentally-protective. PP handle at the bottom of the aluminum tube is easy to be held by hands. There’s a hole for hanging. It’s easily dried and kept for repeated use.

Use: applicable to the cleaning of walls of the bathroom, bathtub or other ceramic tiles surface.

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