Melamine Sponge
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  • Description
I.Melamine sponge(magic nano)
1.Melamine sponge is cleaning product. From appearance, it looks like sponge, however it’s a kind of magic and strong dirt-removing foam.
2.Melamine sponge doesn’t need any detergents. It has good decontamination with only a little water. It’s an environmentally-protected new product in 21st century.
3.Melamine sponge is composed of a kind of particle which is extremely tiny, the new material was invented by a German scientist.

II.  Features of “melamine sponge”

1.When using melamine to deal with stubborn stains like water logging, finger mark or ink smudge, you may just dip the water to slightly clean and it can give you unexpected effect.
2.The particle that comprises melamine sponge is smaller than one ten thousandth of hair, it can be used to clean the deeply-hidden dirt in the surface of the object.
3.Melamine sponge has 99.9% natural anti-bacteria effect.
4.It can be randomly cut in light of your own size, which is convenient to the cleaning of uneven surface.

III.  Usage of melamine sponge

1.Cut in light of the requirement of the cleaning part. After dipping into the water, slight dry it and then clean the stain parts, just like how the rubber cleans the dirt.
2.The dirt after cleaning will float, and then you should use rag with good water absorption to dry-clean it without using water.
3.Don’t wrench by force after use. Slightly rub and naturally dry it for recycling.

IV. Scope of application of “melamine sponge”

Office supplies (e.g. computer, telephone, Xerox machine, office chairs and tables etc.)
Electrical appliances (e.g. refrigerator, microwave oven, TV set and VCD etc.)
Stainless steel products (e.g. washing basin)
Bathroom products (e.g. bathtub, ceramic tiles, toilet etc.)
Filth such as dirt, oil stain, water logging, ink smudge, hand mark etc. resulting from office or household environment such as glassware, pottery, coffee cup, bowls and plates, sofa, chair and table, door and window and wall paper.

V. Notice to use “melamine sponge”

1. Don’t wet out the electrical appliances when cleaning.
2. Please cautiously use on those products with special treatment over the surface. Don’t overexert when cleaning.
3. When cleaning leather products, please try under shelter first. If it’s confirmed to have no influence, then use the sponge.
4. This product has strong oil absorption. The application of oil stains cleaning will accelerate the consumption speed of the product.

VI. Size of melamine sponge

It can be freely cut according to customer’s requirement. The main color is white. The other current available colors include pink and yellow. MOQ is needed.

We specialize in the distribution of imported cellulose sponge rags. Cellulose sponge rag has pure natural pulp as its main raw material. Discard after use can automatically degrade the decay. Its burning also has no poisonous gas to emit, it is a pure natural pollution-free product. The rag has good quality, strong tenacity and anti-friction. It also has price advantage, which is competitive with domestic cellulose sponge rags.
In European families, cellulose sponge rag is frequently used for kitchen cleaning. The product has no stimulation to skins with strong water absorption. After absorbing the water, it can swell rapidly and increase elasticity, and it’ll become softer. The washing effect is very conspicuous. You may use it by applying a bit detergent to the surface of the product, abundant bubbles can be produced and it has an obvious dirt-removing effect. It won’t get moldy after dried, which can effectively inhibit the bacteria growth. This is an ideal cleaning product.
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