Rainbow Terry Mesh Sponge
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  • Description
1.Terry sponge brush means the mesh covering the sponge is nylon or other chemical fiber woven fabric. It’s terry-shaped bulge from the outlook, quite stiff and rough, applicable to  the cleaning of hardware or quite stubborn stains. It is effective at stain removal, water absorption and friction resistance. The inner core is ordinary PU sponge which is soft and strongly-absorptive. A small amount of detergent can produce rich bubbles.

2.Product specification: Generally the inner sponge size is deemed as its specification. For example, mesh sponge brush 20*80*150mm refers to the product made out of inner sponge size 20*80*150mm. It can be cut or stamped in light of the requirement of our customer’s size and shape.

3.Product packaging: Packed according to customer’s requirement. Generally it’s packed in printed poly bag. Also card packaging can be available.

4.Product color: The main colors include pink, green, yellow, blue and orange. Of course, colors can be adjusted based on Pantone card, however it needs MOQ. Except that the acrylic mesh has many colors to choose, all the other fabrics are white.

5.Product function:

(1)Hand feel: This type of mesh fabric feels quite soft, and it’s easy to bend, such as dish and bowl can be cleaned from both sides at the same time, which can save labor cost and material resource.
(2)Anti-bacteria: Commonly-used sponge contains anti-bacteria formula, which can inhibit bacteria growth and make no odor.
(3)Diversified functions: Different mesh sponge has different kind of function. This type of product is widely used in the family and applied to the cleaning of pots, bowls, dishes, cups, plates, seasoning box, forks and knives and the surface cleaning of ceramic tiles and potteries.
(4)Durability: Due to the outside mesh, it can’t be damaged for a long use. It is not only economical, but also beneficial.
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