Rotatable Sponge Baby Bottle Brush
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Rotatable sponge baby feeding bottle brush
Material: sponge and plastic parts

Feature: Rotatable sponge baby feeding bottle brush adopts soft and fine sponge. Not only is it soft in quality, no damage to the body of the bottle, but also it’s very durable. Its special configuration (high adaptation to the body of the bottle) can clean stubborn stains of the shoulder and bottom of the bottle more easily. Its 360-degree rotatable handle will make the cleaning more convenient and thorough. With a supplementary sponge nipple brush, it can clean the nipple more convenient. In addition, the sponge is very soft and won’t scratch the nipple.

We have over ten injection molding machines which can make die sinking and molding in light of customer’s designs, even colors can be specified.


1.When inserting into or extracting from bottles or cups, please spin slightly which can make the bristle more durable and the water won’t spill out.
2.Please put it into the place where infants and kids can’t reach lest accident happen.
3.Don’t put it near fire or high-temperature places.
4.After using the rotatable sponge baby feeding bottle brush, please clean it by detergent and dry. Keep dry ventilation and store it in dry environment.
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