Sponge Brush
As the largest Sponge Brush manufacturer in China, KEPU sells quality Sponge Brush to customers all over the world.
  • Description
Product name: Sponge brush
Material: PU filtered sponge(net-shaped sponge which has strong drainability, air-permeability, elasticity and pulling force.); PU ordinary sponge(strongly water-absorptive and can produce abundant bubbles.)

Product size: 35*63*110mm, can be made to order in light of customer’s requirement of sizes or shapes.

Product packaging: Based on customer’s requirement.

Product color: Multi-color, can be adjusted in light of Pantone card.

Product’s functional diversity:

1.Water filtration: filtered sponge has good air permeability and elasticity. After wash, it won’t be deformed and is easy to dry.
2.Anti-bacteria: With a formula of anti-bacteria, it can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and no odor will be engendered.
3.Diversified function: Two-sided sponge has strong drainability while the middle sponge can produce bubbles. This is what we call triple effect. This style is widely applied to the cleaning of the surface of non-stick pots, stainless steels, precision instruments or objects.
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