Steel Wire Cleaning Net Ball With Handle
Wire Cleaning Net Ball With Handle - KEPU is the best Steel Wire Cleaning Net Ball With Handle supplier in China.
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Steel wire cleaning net ball with handle: it is a scrubber covered by a layer of steel wire gauze. A special net-shape design, the ball is woven by just a steel wire and it can be folded and pulled continuously. The ball is softly elastic and doesn’t damage pans, it is well designed and easy to clean. The inner part of the steel wire ball won’t have any residues or greasy dirt and won’t be distorted. It has a longer utility time. Designed with handle, it doesn’t hurt hands and the steel wire balls can be changeable.

Currently the main materials of our steel wire cleaning balls include 18-8, 18-0, 13-0 and so on, the gram weight of which could be made to order.
We have over ten injection molding machines which can make die sinking and molding in light of customer’s designs, even colors can be specified.
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