Steel Wire Sponge Cleaning Ball
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  • Description
Steel wire sponge cleaning ball: The middle of the steel wire ball is inserted with circular sponge and a layer of PE net covers the outside ball. A special PE net shape design, softly elastic and no damage to pans, the ball won’t get deformed and has a longer utility time. Adding a bit detergent, the mid sponge layer can produce rich bubbles.
Currently the main materials of our steel wire sponge cleaning balls include 18-8, 18-0, 13-0 and so on, the gram weight of which and the size and the color of the sponge could be made to order.

Applicable area:

Due to its friction force, the cleaning ball is generally applied to those objects which are not easily distorted on the surface by the friction, such as the bottom of the pot(with the exception of the coating pot), hearth, stainless utensils, bowls, dishes and heavy grease on the ceramic tiles etc.
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